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I Want to Believe: X-Files Writer & Producer Frank Spotnitz on a 25 year Career in Primetime TV

Throughout his award-winning career as a writer, producer, and showrunner, Frank abducted our imaginations by writing over 40 episodes of The X-Files, then expanded the X-iverse with The Lone Gunmen and Millennium. His ability to capture and nurture the seeds of truth from which paranoia and conspiracy grow have gone on to serve him in projects like Harsh Realm and The Man In The High Castle, adapted from the work of Philip K. Dick and produced by Ridley Scott. When it came time to move The X-Files to the cinemas, Frank was called upon to write both features.

He has won three Golden Globes as well as a Peabody Award to go with his four Emmy nominations.

Iain Smith: Working In Hollywood

Christopher Hampton Breakfast Club: Meet the screenwriter of 'Atonement' and 'Dangerous Liaisons'

A master at the adaptation, be it from novels or plays (including his own), Christopher Hampton’s work has garnered him four Tony Awards, three Olivier Awards, five Evening Standard Awards, the New York Theatre Critic’s Circle Award, one Oscar (for the brilliant Dangerous Liaisons in 1988), another nomination for Atonement, two BAFTAs, a WGA Award and a Special Jury Award at the Cannes Film Festival. And he’s still going strong with four new projects currently in development, including the much anticipated movie version of his West End and Broadway hit musical ‘Sunset Boulevard’.