Two time BAFTA winner Daniel Mulloy’s powerful journey ‘Home’

How to win not just one but two BAFTAs, attract rising stars to your scripts and shoot a short film over 3 countries.

When: Fri 16th June // Doors open 8.15am - Talk starts 9am

Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU
How much: £16.50


Writer & Director Daniel Mulloy and Producer Afolabi Kuti join us at the Breakfast Club to talk about writing, producing, financing, getting names stars, the strategy and tactics of awards and distribution, and making a film that makes a difference to the planet.

The Breakfast club is back for a special morning session at the Phoenix Artist Club.  Join us for a full English before sitting down to a cracking conversation with Screenwriter and Director Daniel Mulloy and Producer Afolabi Kuti about their stunning BAFTA winning short film 'Home', and finally wrapping up and networking your way to the weekend.

HOME - is where the heart is... and Jack and Holly's home seems full of heart on the morning of their departure on what looks like a vacation - until they put their kids in the trunk of a stranger's car - and get separated themselves on what turns out to be a reversed refugee journey, from a quiet suburban house to a campfire in the middle of a war torn country.


In many ways Daniel and Afolabi threw away the short film manual and broke the rules...

  • How do you go about making a war film on a budget?
  • How do you attract major stars to a short?
  • How do you finance such an ambitious project AND pull it off?
  • How do you get Coldplay to let you use their music?
  • How do you strategise for a festival and major awards run?
  • How do you maximise the success of a film like this in the months that follow?
  • How do you work with children on such a challenging subject?

With EE Rising star award winner Jack O'Connell and Holliday Grainger (Cinderella, The Borgias) delivering beautifully nuanced and subtle performances, Daniel Mulloy's (2nd!) BAFTA winning short film uses the jarring nature of the reversal exercise in style to force the audience to challenge its perception of a distant crisis and explore the human coping mechanisms of any family faced with horrifying situations... And the plight of the 60 million refugees very powerfully hits - home.

Daniel has shared the script for ‘Home’ with us which you can download and read when you’ve signed up.  Read the script before the talk to get a much more in-depth understanding of the journey this intense and deeply moving story went on from script to screen.

Whether you're interested in learning how to win not just one but two BAFTAs, attract rising stars to your scripts,  shoot a short film over 3 countries - or how to get Coldplay to donate their music for your credits - Daniel and Afolabi will be there to answer your questions!

Get your pass to an outstanding networking opportunity and inspiring session below! See you there!


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When: Fri 16th June // Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU // How much: £16.50

Doors Open: 8.15am // Talk starts: 9.00am // Networking: 10.00am - Onward.

‘A very inspiring morning with lots of valuable information... Looking forward to the next one!’
Nicholas Burman-Vince, Screenwriter

This Breakfast Club is hosted by the Phoenix Artists Club in Soho, London.
The Phoenix is our unofficial home from home for the London Screenwriters' Festival.

Who is it for? Film & TV Professionals

The Breakfast Club is monthly initiative to connect creative and business professionals in film and TV. We do this by creating a safe place to network whilst listening to thought leaders, industry gurus and entrepreneurs.


‘Inspiration and a full English Breakfast in a fantastic venue all before 10.00 a.m on a Friday morning!’
Ava Regal, Writer

If you work in the creative industries...

...and write, produce, direct, act, compose, design or even do the accounts and legal, you would be welcomed both by our amazing team, as well as our delegates eager to connect with you.


‘I got to pursue my screenwriting career AND still made it to the day job in time’
Katia Hadidian. Magazine editor

Breakfast Club 'Pimms O'Clock' kicks off at 2.30pm...

...with the guest speaker presenting around 3pm. This means by 4pm, you can head back to work, or better yet you can hang out and network into the evening. The best of both worlds. 


‘Fantastic to meet so many UK writers, thanks for an invaluable morning.’
Fuad Omar, Producer

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