How to crack Netflix (and E4 and the BBC) with IBoy and Humans writer Joe Barton

Meet Joe Barton at Pimm's o'clock (2:30pm start) on Friday June 9th

When: Friday June 9th (2:30pm) // Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU // How much: £15.00

Join us for what promises to be an enlightening and inspirational Breakfast Club with one of the UK’s most promising new writers where we will discuss…

  • The importance of networking and relationships (Joe’s first writing jobs were with friends who just happened to work at production companies)
  • Why you should never take ‘No’ for an answer (see aforementioned 3 yrs worth of agent rejections)
  • How write and sell in many different genres
  • How to avoid genre pigeon-holing
  • And last but definitely not least, how to get Netflix to answer your calls

And remember, aside from a great talk, you will also get the opportunity to ask Joe questions after the session, enjoy a pre-weekend bevy or two and also network with other filmmakers and screenwriters just like you.

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Joe Barton is a writer who’s star is most definitely on the rise.  Having spent three years being rejected by every agent in town, he now holds the accolade of being the writer of the first UK feature to be commissioned by Netflix (IBoy) and a TV show with them also in the works. 


Young and incredibly talented, there seems to be no genre or project that Joe cannot accomplish with aplomb. Starting off in comedy (E4’s Beaver Falls), Joe really stretched his writing chops with the haunting and powerful Our World War, the breakout hit of the BBCs World War One season.


After that, he took another left turn joining the writing team on Channel 4’s smash sci-fi hit Humans. Which led him straight to Netflix with the Maisie Williams starrer Iboy.  So with Netflix being the uncrackable nut for so many writers and creatives these days, how exactly did Joe manage to find his way to the Screenwriter’s Holy Grail? 


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When: Fri 28th April // Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU // How much: £15.00

Doors Open: 2.30pm // Talk starts: 3.00pm // Networking: 4.00pm - Onward, till as late as you like

‘A very inspiring morning with lots of valuable information... Looking forward to the next one!’
Nicholas Burman-Vince, Screenwriter

Who is it for? Film & TV Professionals

The Breakfast Club is monthly initiative to connect creative and business professionals in film and TV. We do this by creating a safe place to network whilst listening to thought leaders, industry gurus and entrepreneurs.


‘Inspiration and a full English Breakfast in a fantastic venue all before 10.00 a.m on a Friday morning!’
Ava Regal, Writer

If you work in the creative industries...

...and write, produce, direct, act, compose, design or even do the accounts and legal, you would be welcomed both by our amazing team, as well as our delegates eager to connect with you.


‘I got to pursue my screenwriting career AND still made it to the day job in time’
Katia Hadidian. Magazine editor

Breakfast Club 'Pimms O'Clock' kicks off at 2.30pm...

...with the guest speaker presenting around 3pm. This means by 4pm, you can head back to work, or better yet you can hang out and network into the evening. The best of both worlds. 


‘Fantastic to meet so many UK writers, thanks for an invaluable morning.’
Fuad Omar, Producer

This Breakfast Club is hosted by the Phoenix Artists Club in Soho, London.
The Phoenix is our unofficial home from home for the London Screenwriters' Festival.

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