Killer Image: Robyn Larkin, Film Poster Designer for both Low Budget and Big Budget Films

How to create a single image that sells your project, at concept stage, during production and in sales. Get it wrong and it could kill your project.

When: Fri Feb 2nd 2018 // Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU // How much: £12.50

Doors Open: 2.30pm // Talk starts: 3.00pm // Networking: 4.00pm onward.

The key art is, well… key. That single image will go onto posters DVD boxes, download links, sales flyers, websites… And it is without doubt the single most important piece of creative AND commercial design you will need to find success with both industry and audiences.

Many make the mistake of designing their own poster, often with good, but not world class results.

Others wait, assuming a sales agent might do it (they will a then they will charge a MASSIVE premium for hiring someone like Robyn, so cut out the middle man and gain control).

Finally, most of us assume world class designers are out of financial reach, but you would be surprised just how affordable a key art / poster designer can be, and more importantly, how transformative their contribution can be to your massive investment of time, money, passion and love that is your project.


In this one hour session, Robyn, who has designed thousands of posters and key artwork, will reveal just HOW to ensure you get that one killer image that causes people to lean in, click, read more and buy.

Among other things, Robin will share…


  • The three common mistakes most filmmakers make (that are easy to avoid)
  • Creating powerful pitch artwork (before anything is shot)
  • The importance and technique of logos and text (and why everyone spots good work and bad work)
  • Design catastrophes’ to avoid if you want to go it on your own
  • The best way to work with a designer
  • How long it takes, how much it costs, what you need to supply
  • Technical specs requited by sales and distribution companies

Robyn has been designing posters from his Ealing Studios office since 2002 under his company What Is Bobo. He will hang around for a chat after the event and he will be happy to give you his business card.


When: Fri Feb 2nd 2018 // Where: Phoenix Artists Club, WC2H 8BU // How much: £12.50

Doors Open: 2.30pm // Talk starts: 3.00pm // Networking: 4.00pm onward.

The London Breakfast Club

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