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This Breakfast Club is hosted and supported by the lovely people at Hogan Lovells International LLP.

‘A very inspiring morning with lots of valuable information... Looking forward to the next one - particularly as the cooked breakfast was so good!’
Nicholas Burman-Vince

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Who is it for? Film & TV Professionals

The Breakfast Club is monthly initiative to connect creative and business professionals in film and TV. We do this by creating a safe place to network whilst listening to thought leaders, industry gurus and entrepreneurs.


‘Inspiration and a full English Breakfast in a fantastic venue all before 10.00 a.m on a Friday morning!’
Ava Regal, Writer

If you work in the creative industries...

...and write, produce, direct, act, compose, design or even do the accounts and legal, you would be welcomed both by our amazing team, as well as our delegates eager to connect with you.


‘I got to pursue my screenwriting career AND still made it to the day job in time’
Katia Hadidian. Magazine editor

Breakfast kicks off at 8.15am...

...with the guest speaker presenting around 9am. This means by 10am, you can head out to work, or you can hang out and network through the morning. The best of both worlds. 


‘Fantastic to meet so many UK writers, thanks for an invaluable morning.’
Fuad Omar, Producer

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The Three Pillars Of Successful Low Budget Horror Film Production: April 2104

Jen Handorf, veteran of five Brit low budget horror flicks, shared her experience at the London Breakfast Club today.


It was an insightful conversation with a producer who has been prolific in production and effective in distribution and sales.


Listen to the podcast below…

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The Breakfast Club is a London Screenwriters’ Festival Creative Community initiative.